Surf Kayaking – FUN at any age

Surf kayaking is my greatest kayaking pleasure; well at the moment anyway. I have been returning to some surf breaks that I first tried to board surf at when I was about 16 and then haunted when I was in my thirties. Now a few years later, or maybe that’s decades, I’m still here with an even greater sense of FUN.

Late 1980's. Bells Beach Victoria. 1 car 3 skis 3 white water kayaks

Late 1980’s. Bells Beach Victoria. 1 car 3 skis 3 white water kayaks and lots of FUN. That’s me in the middle.

I owned and surfed many specialist surf kayaks over the years as well as a whole swag of wave ski’s during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Small day at Pondalowie Bay South Australia.

Small day at Pondalowie Bay South Australia. Marty Williams at play.

As we are the driest state on the driest continent there’s no white water paddling to be had and certainly no playboats in kayak shops, but luckily I was able to borrow a Jackson FUN from a friend interstate . Now this is very much a white water playboat and I am a little heavy for it at 88kg but it is certainly comfortable.

IMG_3291 IMG_3296

First paddle. Nice wave peaked up, paddled to take off, dropped down the face and threw my weight into a bottom turn. The FUN spun 180 degrees, I screamed backwards, lent back too far, dug the rear deck into the wave, back flipped and airborne as my head kissed the deck.  Cleaned out the sinus anyway !!!.
Hmmm…. this kayak needs a little more finesse than I used with a finned surf kayak.

Another hour or more in some pretty choppy waves but lots of FUN. I’ll write a review of the Jackson FUN, for surf kayaking, after I get it a little better under control. We shot a little footage but the camera malfunctioned, however you should get the idea.

Cheers…Ian Pope
“The best surfer out there is the one having the most FUN”… Duke Kahanamoku. 

Sweet Cheeks – well I certainly hope so

I’m hoping for very sweet cheeks from now on. Just fitted some Jackson Sweet Cheeks kayak seat inserts to the Njak. Great feel, just like settling into a bean bag. They are actually a bag of beans (like a bean bag) with inflator attached. You install into seat with side straps, inflate a little, sit in the kayak and let out the air, whilst squirming around to make it fit your shape. Then suck out the air, close the valve and you have a perfectly formed seat that conforms to your “rear end”. No more” rare ends” after a long paddle – well that’s the theory anyway. I will let you know how they work soon as I’m using them for a few days paddling around Wilsons Prom.
See more info on these at the Jackson site….  They are available in quite a few shops in Australia at about the same price as on-line. Look for some one who knows about play boats or slalom and they will have them.

Check out the video review posted 26/10/11