Sweet Cheeks – well I certainly hope so

I’m hoping for very sweet cheeks from now on. Just fitted some Jackson Sweet Cheeks kayak seat inserts to the Njak. Great feel, just like settling into a bean bag. They are actually a bag of beans (like a bean bag) with inflator attached. You install into seat with side straps, inflate a little, sit in the kayak and let out the air, whilst squirming around to make it fit your shape. Then suck out the air, close the valve and you have a perfectly formed seat that conforms to your “rear end”. No more” rare ends” after a long paddle – well that’s the theory anyway. I will let you know how they work soon as I’m using them for a few days paddling around Wilsons Prom.
See more info on these at the Jackson site….http://store.jacksonkayak.com/products/Sweet-Cheeks.html  They are available in quite a few shops in Australia at about the same price as on-line. Look for some one who knows about play boats or slalom and they will have them.

Check out the video review posted 26/10/11

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