Lazy Sunday

Yesterdays stormy weather has passed and there was a tiny ray of sunshine poking through. I had thoughts of a Lazy Sunday morning, perhaps stroll along the beachfront and grab a coffee and croissant (with Covid face mask of course) or maybe just lounge around watching the Olympic games telecast.

Sadly it was not to be.
A few deranged paddlers wanted some fun and they all said they only had the early morning free. Lots of excuses.

Steve (King of England) “I have a band practice after lunch”
Philip (Our German Correspondent) “I have to take my son swimming”
Gianni (International Man of Leisure) “I have a new bottle of Grappa that must be sampled”.

Anyway with paddle in hand I lugged my green Jackson kayak down the 5 flights of steps at the appointed hour to get amongst a few badly formed waves. It turned into a lot of fun with all of us getting hammered whilst trying to master the ocean. Luckily we were able to get a few snippets of video to make it all worthwhile.

Hope you had a nice Lazy Sunday.
Ian and Robyn (camera operator)

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