Exo Kayaks – Rexy gets the all clear

My Physiotherapist said my hip injury was coming along nicely and I was given the all clear to try a little gentle kayaking. The COVID lockdown has been lifted and we are allowed to travel so it was an early start on this warm Wednesday morning, heading for the South Coast.

I was invited by James Fishers and Steve (King of England) to join them for a short surf kayak session. There were  some big, fat waves on offer so the youngsters were burning off excess energy for a couple of hours, but I would restrict my water time to under an hour.

My long suffering photographer, Robyn, was trying hand held photos with a Tamron 400 lens. Her best vantage point was standing on a park bench above the beach and I think she did a great job of balancing that lens that normally resides on a tripod.

Now that the body is holding together I can get back in the Sea Kayak for some longer paddles. Anyway, here’s a few photos of our gentle session.

Gaining some speed down the face

Launched off the lip the kayak is still bouncing

Easy Rider

Cool and relaxed

Getting a bumpy ride in the soup

Still hanging in there

Some waves were bigger than others

Have a great Wednesday. Stay safe.

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