Mal Blewett joins the Bass Strait club

Mal landed today at Little Musselroe Bay Tasmania after crossing Bass Strait in a single Nimbus Telkwa kayak and he did it solo. He had fun with the changing weather, fought with pesky animals (rattus rattus – aka black rat ) trying to steal his food, got dumped in large seas smashing his compass and damaging the kayak, saw lots of aquatic and bird life and camped at places few people will ever visit. All that in just 13 days.
Congratulations from everyone at Paddling South.

It took 13 days to paddle there, but longer to get back. Mal cant get back on the Spirit of Tasmania Ferry until early April.

His report on landing today.
 Hi All, well that’s it; the big crossing is done. Arrived on Tasmania’s shore today around 4.30pm(EST), to be greeted by my wife Annie, Mal Hamilton & his daughter Donna. The crossing of Banks Strait from Rebecca Cove on Clarke Island to Little Mussleroe Bay on Tassie, went well with the strong currents and 4mtr swell muddled in with a 2mtr constant wind wave and 20knots of wind, just to keep me on my toes. My little make shift compass spent most of the day pointing in the wrong direction as it has done since having my good Silva compass smashed at the beginning of the expedition. I shall be writing a very stern letter of complaint to Garmin since my good GPS the Garmin 78sc decided to die completely as I was about a mile out to sea on the start of the long ocean crossings many days ago. No compass and a stuffed GPS makes for a lot of guess work. I did carry my spare Garmin 78s which constantly shuts down. Oh what fun!!! Many thanks to all that have given me help and assistance along the way. I will create a list and add it to this web posting when I get settled back to civilization. Today Bass Strait tomorrow the world!!!!

Ashore on Tasmania

3 thoughts on “Mal Blewett joins the Bass Strait club

  1. Well done Malcolm….even better effort for the fact you have had to improvise and use “outdated” and older technology…..perhaps we should all just rely of the sun and stars!


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