Mal’s had an exciting day

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I told you paddling a kayak across Bass strait may not be easy !!!
Latest report from Mal B

9/3/12 3.50pm  Things not so good. Things are not good. Slammed by 4m-5m waves. Dumped by a 4m + wave around lighthouse point. Rolled back up again to be slammed by a few more. Compass smashed, rudder bent, shoulder hurt and I’m not so good, but made it to shore.  Trying to fix damage and work out navigation with compass missing-completely torn off !!!.  Apart from that every thing is just dandy. Thanks for all the best wishes from everyone, am  remaining positive . Wish you were all here !!!!

P.S. 11/3/12   Repairs all done, body all ok, paddling into Bass Strait this morning.

11/3/12   Landed on Hogan Island.

One thought on “Mal’s had an exciting day

  1. Well done. Glad you are safe. Made it thru the container ship lines and now have 5 star accommodation in the world renowned Hogan hut.


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