Nimbus Kayaks – Njak kayak for Xmas

I think I’m in trouble again. The shed is full again, Robyn’s yoga mat got rolled up out of the way and the Nimbus kayak Njak was installed in the kayak rack. Full kevlar construction ofcourse !!!. Nothing but the best. It was going to be Robyn’s new kayak, but once I had a couple of paddles in it it became mine and she’s still in the Seaward Cosma (and still loving it ).

I really love the construction on the Nimbus kayaks and this one is way better than the first one I bought in 1986. Full kevlar construction, vacum bagged, beautifully finished and even great to paddle. Super smooth finish on the inside making it comfortable even in bare feet which is great with summer now here.  I’ve got to get to work and add a few things such as a camera mount, allround deck-lines and thigh braces, but that may take a while.

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