New Kayak – Seaward Kayaks G3

Just thought I would give you an update on the Seaward kayak G3 double that Robyn and I have been paddling. Bought it a while ago, looking for a double kayak that paddled easily, behaved in rougher water and had enough volume to easily handle all our gear.

“Mission accomplished” as Bush once said. It is the best double we have paddled and we’ve had a few. We both felt comfortable straight away, although I have now moved both seats forward a few centimetres as we are both a bit short in the leg department. This allows better contact with the thighbraces which needed a bit of padding out as well.

Have installed electric pumps (automatic Rule 500) to both cockpits in case of capsize. We went out for a paddle and did some rescues. Problem no 1. Bloody difficult to capsize, with both primary and secondary stability being high. Had to work out a rescue technique to get both of us back in the kayak, but soon worked out that I could “scoop” Robyn back into front cockpit then climb into the rear cockpit whilst she braced..

Had a few more upgrades to do on the kayak, including a sail system. Will put up more on that subject when I have it completed.

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