Dolphin super Pod

Robyn and I have been travelling with Matt and Kathrin for almost a month now, exploring the coastline of South Australia as well as a bit of an “outback” detour to the northern Flinders Ranges. We have seen lots of the wildlife of the area, often having emus wander through camp, kangaroos hop past the tent at night and  all manner of birds screeching at dawn.

Our only encounters with dolphins had been occasional visits by small groups off Pt Lincoln National Park and a large pod of 30 whizzing by near Pt Longnose in Coffin Bay, until Kathrin and Matt decided to go for a walk along the cliffs.( Unfortunately Robyn and I spent the time relaxing and missed all the fun.)

A Super Pod of Dolphins had moved into the bay, numbering well over 100 in one end of the bay. They were surfing and jumping waves and generally having fun. Matt and Kathrin only had a small “point and shoot” camera with them so the footage is a little shaky but certainly worth viewing in full screen mode and 360/480.

Dolphinsjump1 (3)

5 thoughts on “Dolphin super Pod

  1. I love those dolphins.. Geezzz.. What a thrill to see them like that. We have harbor porpoises occasionally (solitary singles) but nothing like this.. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by the Edge of Blue..


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