Sea caves and scorpions

We had decided to explore Memory Cove, in the Pt. Lincoln National Park for a few days.  The park, which is one of my favourite parts of South Australia, starts a few kilometres from Pt. Lincoln, is over 70 sq. km in size and includes a number of islands that I have visited by kayak in the past.

The park boasts some spectacular coastal scenery, and features the vast Sleaford-Wanna sand dune system, as well as the offshore islands.  Access to the cove is via a 15km 4WD track and only 5 vehicles are allowed camping access at any one time.

Matt decided to drive the track fearing that I might get us bogged again in sand dunes, however the drive is more rocky than sandy.

memcove 1

We set up camp just metres from the beach and launched the kayaks.

Cove view

After being greeted by the local sea lions we explored the coastline.IMG_0013


and found some sea caves to poke around in.


Everywhere is luscious underwater growth with large abalone growing on the rock walls.


The warm evening was enjoyed along with a few cold beers.


The next day an approaching storm kept our exploration landlocked.

storm coming

We travelled a sandy 4WD track that hadn’t been used for some time…….


and we found out why.


Matt and Kathrin did some rock climbing and explored a deserted beach. If you look closely you will see them on the beach.


Back at camp that night, while enjoying dinner and a red wine, Matt found a couple of unwelcome visitors heading for his tent. He quickly despatched the Scorpions back to the bush on the end of a shovel.


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