Edithburgh- paddle out to Troubridge Island

Had a great weekend at Edithburgh on the Yorke Peninsula. Stayed at the local caravan park and paddled out to Troubridge Island on the Saturday morning. What is it about headwinds and me ?. Paddled out there into a headwind and it then changed direction 180 degrees and strengthened on the way back.
The island, or what’s left after the shifting sands, is really now a tiny conservation park for birds. The lighthouse, now disused, and cottage is available as a “weekend stay”, with the operator taking people out on his boat.
We landed checked it out (with permission from National Parks ranger) and took a few photos. Unfortunately our resident photographer, Donna, wasnt with us on this trip so we had to rely on our own ability. Me with waterproof Lumix, Gavin with a new camera and constantly stating “I wonder what this button does”, Mal B for a couple of wide-angle shots. Still we’re paddlers not photographers – luckily.

I’m doing the usual youtube and vimeo stuff so if the link is below, it’s up and running.

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