Haystacks…..not just a load of hay

On our wanderings across the western coastline of South Australia we have come across lots of harvesting at this time of year. Not only are there long road trains carting grain to the silos but also lots of hay being stacked into large haystacks.

These days it’s more likely to see hay in large “rounds” stacked together rather than the traditional haystacks but we have found a couple of unusual varieties as well.

Rounds of hay are more the norm these days

Square bales stacked high

It doesn’t have to be a stack of hay bales to be called a Haystack. On the Eyre Peninsula we found “Murphy’s Haystacks which may look like an old fashioned Haystack but are rock formations.

Murphy’s haystacks

The kayak paddler comes across many and varied landscapes including islands. This one is called Haystack Island.

Haystack Island off the coast of Yorke Peninsula. On a day with glassy swells.

Haystack Island with a change of weather

It might not look like a Haystack from a distance but when your up close it does take on the colours and shape of hay.

Colours change as the light changes

It seems Australians have an imagination for names but for me the best Haystack is my visits to Haystack Island.

Walk the Yorke Trail

Yorke Peninsula is a great place for kayaking, with beaches that range from mild to wild and lots of rocky coastline to explore. We have spent many years wandering the coastline, calling in at the various small towns and enjoying the less populated areas that kayaking gives you access to.

Haystack island

Haystack island

However, this trip we decided on something a little different.


The Walk the Yorke 500km walking and cycling trail has just been opened from the town of Port Wakefield to Moonta Bay. It follows the coast in most places with lots of beaches to traverse by walkers. For bikes it follows the coast as near as possible. So off we set on our Focus MTB’s and BOB trailers, with the intention of riding in the morning and exploring in the afternoons. We spend 11 days riding the “Walk the Yorke” which has some great scenery and variable trail conditions.

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