My Paddling heros

You hear lots of things about fantastic journeys by bike and kayak and I’d like to tell  you about 2 people in kayaking that few people know about, let alone understand the enormity of their undertakings.

Dave Williamson and Ben Woodcock are a bit of an oddity, being a 20 year age difference, but their extreme love of outdoors brings them together in some of the great kayaking adventures, and they are both involved in number of other outdoor activities. Some friends came across a lone cyclist traversing the desert on his way to Darwin from Adelaide. Yep, it was Ben.

Everyone knows about “Paddling the Ditch” (Aust to NZ) but few people have heard of New Caledonia to Aust. (1700 km of open sea) in a plastic double kayak, or Aust. to East Timor (700km) in a Mirage double kayak.

Fantastic paddles, or should I say Voyages.

Read Ben’s profile at

I’ve been lucky, I paddled a Bass Strait Expedition and  Southern Ocean Islands with Dave a number of years ago and I worked with Ben for a while. I hope some of their enthusiasm rubbed off on me – hope to keep paddling for many years to come.

PS. The double Mirage 730 was the one that Robyn and I paddled to Tasmania  a couple of years ago. A very well travelled craft.

Ian Pope