Spring has Sprung

“Spring has sprung.
The grass is riz.
I wonder where the sunshine iz.”

Well it’s sure not anywhere near here.

Last night at my place, the winds stayed at 30 knots and dropped a little at dawn. It was definitely not a day to try out the new double sea kayak but I was getting desperate for a soak in salt water. Four desperate souls met in the lee of the Pt Noarlunga reef with the hope of getting in a little playboating fun.

So for those who stayed in bed, nice and warm, here’s some photos to prove our insanity.

We got ready to launch as the rain started….. we were wet anyway

Remind me again how this is going to be fun

Ian picks up a ride as Steve paddles out

Charlie handles the conditions with ease in his Jackson Karma kayak

Steve gets bounced around in soup

Young Geoff shows us how to stay upright with class

…and Charlie does a quick “seabed inspection”

Geoff….Cool and calm

Geoff grabs another wave

Meanwhile Steve gets ready for a good thumping

Charlie tries to get airborne

Geoff looks on as Steve tries a “cartwheel”….unsuccessful  this time

Charlie demonstrates the use of sunglasses on a cloudy day

Geoff finishes the session. Cold, wet and happy

Four cold and wet but happy paddlers. Enjoy your day.


8 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung

  1. Think I was out the same day last weekend from Aldinga in the ole’ Tassie Greenlander. paddling half a k out toward Sellicks and return for a short jaunt. . Was going to paddle around a few points from Maslins to Dingie. Rain squall coming in, seas pretty big, going Solo. . . .decided now was not a time to be going off shore far out from those rocky points. . . pulled the pin. got bored and came up with a better plan. .Not like you though, it had dropped to 25 knts by the time I went out !.. . . gees you’ve got a dedicated photographer ! ! love what yous come up with fellas. Tresh


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