6 Gold and 2 Silver for Sir Rodney

Sir Rodney Hubert Biggs


Yes that’s right 6 Gold and 2 Silver medals to Sir Rodney.

Yes, Sir Rodney our sometimes guest paddler and photographer. Yep, that’s him; the hyperactive (some say disorganised) one who has a definite preference for Clare Valley Shiraz, has done it again by collecting  6 gold and 2 silver medals in the Australian Masters Games kayaking and swimming events.


So not only was he selected as flag bearer for the opening ceremony but he went on to bag a few medals. He even scored a write up in the Australian media so check it out here.

Sir Rodney at the Opening Ceremony

Sir Rodney at the Opening Ceremony

Sir Rodney as the Flag Bearer for the opening ceremony

Sir Rodney as the Flag Bearer for the opening ceremony

His Gold Medal effort in the Kayak Marathon was truly amazing on a storm swept course that saw 25 of the 50 starters capsize or swamp during the event. He finished in a great time beating all in his age group as well as many younger than himself.  Next day he competed in the Sprint Kayak events taking more gold medals.

He then moved to the Swimming Venue and picked up silver medals in the pool.

Not content with that he dropped into the Indoor Rowing Competition just to stretch the arms and legs a little more.

It seems now we will have to change his PaddlingSouth name to Sir Everywhere Rodney after that marathon effort.

Of course the rest of the group claim some credit for teaching him how to paddle in rough water and increasing his swimming speed by having him practice rescues in our “sharky”  waters. Well done Sir Rodney.



2 thoughts on “6 Gold and 2 Silver for Sir Rodney

  1. Thankyou for the opportunity to paddle south in rough shark infested waters. Well , goodness gracious me. What can a person say about the author of Paddling South. Indeed where would one be without our ”Pope”: Mr pope that is. Hope that he is available to do my eulogy.
    Jolly good = Sir Somewhere, somewhat disorganised, Sir. Everywhere.


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