The 4 P’s of life’s adventures

The 4 P’s.
We have Paddled for many years, Pedalled for lots more and lately we have found an interest in Photography.

Now we have the 4th P – Publishing- with an article published in Lets be Wild magazine about our bike trip along the Copper Trail in the Northern Flinders Ranges.

Check out the article of our bike adventures in the North Flinders Ranges, published in Lets be Wild travel magazine, See it here.

Day 1 on the track

Robyn, Michael, Gavin and I have just returned from the Barossa Valley where we rode in the Tour Down Under Community Ride with about 7000 others who followed the route of the professionals over Day 4 of the race. We stayed an extra couple of days in the Barossa wine region to make it even more enjoyable.
We are now planning the next outback bike trip for this coming Autumn.

With the TDU ride out of the way, we can concentrate on paddling the S.A coast again, except for Gavin who has decided that a couple of months exploring the Tasmanian coastline will be beneficial to his health.

Plans are made for February, and March is now full, with 3 weeks paddling  the west coast of South Australia , on the edge of the Great Australian Bight. We will be joined by Matt and Kathrin from Germany, who are keen to swim with seals and dolphins, and will be visiting and paddling areas between Streaky Bay and Pt Lincoln. Hope to visit Sea Lion and Fur Seal colonies around Baird Bay, Pt. Labatt on the west coast and Hopkins Island offshore from the Memory Cove Wilderness area.

The trip should make for some good photos and great paddling adventures.

Should I tell them that swimming in a seal colony in a black wetsuit, near a White Pointer Shark breeding ground might have a possible drawback ?

Happy adventures.

Ian and Robyn

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