Thighbraces retro-fit

I have had lots of kayaks from river tourers to playboats and sea kayaks and the one problem I always have is getting the thighbraces to fit. It’s better these days with playboats,as they have lots of great adjustments, but then white water paddling is not something you get a lot of near my place.
I have the Njak sea kayak from Nimbus and it’s beautifully padded out under the deck for your knees, only my legs don’t really reach the proper spot. I need extra thighbraces. In my previous Raider X I got some plastic ones from a Dagger sea kayak and fitted them with a few bolts and a lot of bending. They were just great. At last I have found a set of after market set, designed to be fitted to composite kayaks. Bought them from Rosco canoes in Brisbane and I will get a review and photos up after I have used them for a while.

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