Not Paddling – Pedalling

Robyn, Michael and I decided to ride the Murray to the Mountains Bike Rail Trail, continue up Mt Hotham and then tour across the Dargo High Plains Road and then return home via the King Valley.

We had great trip, although the ride up to Mt Hotham defeated us. We enjoyed the MTM Rail Trail ride of over 200km as well as the spectacular scenery on the Dargo High Plains and King Valley. Luckily the snow kept away with the worst being some rain and fog on the higher roads.

I took a few photos and hope you like them.They can also be found on Flickr via the link in our Photos page.

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The Fixie craze has got me !! (well almost)

Everywhere you look these days there are young trendies on their single speed or fixed wheel bikes, in all sorts of cool colours. I used to prefer a single colour scheme on all my bikes, until I picked up my Argon 18 carbon road bike. Blue with white and black decals and ofcourse white handle bar tape and RavX saddle. A huge breakaway from red, red and more red of my past.

Well now I had this Cannondale on my spinner in the shed and always thought that one day I would put it to a better use than just spin sessions on a rainy winter’s night. I’ve done it now. The FLATLANDER . Red frame, white decals, gold chain, gold top mounted one finger brake levers, black bar tape, red tyres.
Why the Flatlander ? With a 52:16 ratio it’s not for the hills !

Robyn could’nt resist. She now has a flatbar roadie, blue with lime green tyres. She’s now looking for lime green grips etc etc.

fixie- well it's a single speed really

Mawson Trail

Just returned from another ride along the Mawson Trail, Australia’s longest off road bike trail. Adelaide to Blinman. Been riding in around the Melrose area which is now becoming a mecca for MTB riders. Loved the “Dodging Bullets” track, one of the harder runs in the area.
Decided that I had better sort out some of my various mawson Trail photos and put up a few on Flickr.