About us

IMG_0584Just a few of us after paddling

Paddling South is a loose group of  friends who love kayaking and bike riding. All of us are getting a bit older and wiser and some say crazier, however, we are still out there having fun.

Our adventures are many and varied but we mainly concentrate of publicising the beautiful and often rugged coastlines and outback that we paddle or pedal in South Australia.

Our kayaking adventures generally appear on PaddlingSouth and our bike riding and other stuff finds it’s way to CafeVatican.

The  site is often the work of Ian and Robyn Pope who have spent much of their life connected to the sport of kayaking and have also been involved within the industry at manufacturing and retail levels.  These days they spend their time paddling, bike riding and generally enjoying life.

In the past many of us have been involved in Marathon Kayaking and long distance sea kayaking but now are more orientated towards surf kayaking and sea kayak day paddles. We find Surf Kayaking is a quick and easy way to get adrenaline pumping and still be able to enjoy a red wine afterwards.

Photos and ideas come from many members of the group and we thank them for their input.

We hope you enjoy our ramblings and happy snaps.


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