FOR SALE. SeaKayaks. PassatG3 double and Cosma Tx single

Passat G3 Double Sea kayak by Seaward Kayaks USA

I purchased this about 6 years ago to use as an expedition craft and it has performed in all sorts of sea conditions.

Unfortunately my paddling partner has an on-going injury and we are no longer paddling long distance expeditions.

So after sitting in the shed for the last year we have decided it needs a new owner.

Condition is good. There are the normal amount of scratches on the hull from launching/landing on pebble beaches but otherwise no damage. Fitted with a sail which is included in the price. I fitted out for expeditions and there is provision for 2 electric bilge pumps (not included). Fitted with Jackson Sweet Cheek Seats for extra comfort.

Price $A3500 ONO. (replacement cost over $A6000)

I also have a trolley which will fit in centre hatch if you need one. Great for rolling down the boat ramp and onto the water. Price $A40. Can also supply a Rhino Nautic kayak lifter. Price $A300

Specs are on the Seaward Kayaks website with this link.

Cosma Tx seakayak by Seaward Kayaks.


Purchased around 6 years ago as our spare sea kayak for overseas friends it has only been p

addled a few times. The Cosma Tx is now made by Boreal Designs with a few deck changes

but essentially the same kayak.

Condition is very good with a few scratches on hull from pebble beaches, and would suit paddler looking for a great thermoformed sea kayak at a very reasonable price.

Price $A1750 ONO (replacement cost around $A3000)

Approx Dimensions

Length 4.9m

Width 58cm

Weight guess around 25kg Thermoformed construction

For more info contact me Mob. 0411619698 or Email


Ian Pope



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